Get The Best Industrial Style Furniture From Furniture Stores DC

furniture stores DCFurniture stores DC have a beautiful collection of industrial style furniture and bedding with abstract features and qualities. Industrial furniture does not carry any hidden features rather it carries transparency in it. This transparent feature of industrial furniture is the actually style and fashion of new age. This type of furniture does not carry looks like traditional style furniture. This quality makes it very attractive and different than other style furniture. Customer satisfaction is the main key factor in the popularity of industrial style furniture. Furniture stores DC sell awesome designs and features of industrial furniture.

An important thing to remodel your home with industrial style furniture is to find out the best furniture stores. Well, to help you in this situation furniture stores DC are always prepared. Here you will find wide range of industrial style furniture at affordable price. You might get confused to choose one good furniture store. Do not get confused because Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store is the ultimate solution to get trendy industrial furniture. You will get to know the difference in the quality of products and services of Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store and other furniture stores. You will definitely share your experience with others and also refer them to purchase furniture and bedding from this store and shop online on

 Why furniture stores DCare the best choice for home decoration

Furniture stores DC provides more value for your money. You will surely buy furniture items with full confidence if you come down to any of these stores. You might get surprised to know that these stores also have a facility of online shopping. Today people have become very busy that they do not even get time to spend with their family. Just imagine how they will manage to purchase furniture to furnish their home. Just to cope up with these kinds of problems furniture stores DC allow you to shop online. You can order your desired furniture piece just with one click.

Now everyone is showing their interest towards industrial style furniture, especially the youngsters. This type of furniture is a latest trend to decorate a home. You can decorate your entire home with industrial furniture including drawing room, living room, dining room, kitchen etc. You just need to choose a proper furniture item according to the requirement of a particular room. To enhance the beauty of your room you can purchase accessories as well to give beautiful look to your room. Furniture stores DC will get you the complete variety of bedding and furniture with best quality, features, material, pattern etc.

Like everyone it may be your dream as well to own a sweet and beautiful home. To own a home like this require proper planning, arrangement, styling, decoration and maintenance etc. Purchasing furniture and bedding is not a tough job to perform these days. To get complete satisfaction for price range you can compare the same with couple of furniture stores DC. After this it will be quite easy for you to make a decision to buy best quality industrial style furniture.

Quick Furniture Arrangement Tips From Furniture Stores In Virginia Beach

furniture stores in Virginia BeachBuying furniture is one thing and being able to arrange that furniture nicely is the other. A lot of people are great furniture buyers but they (unfortunately) fail really miserably when it comes to arranging the furniture well. This clearly means that you will have to learn about furniture arrangement before you buy anything. After all, no expensive and extremely good looking furniture item will be increasing the aesthetic appeal of your house unless it has been arranged and placed well along with the other furniture of the house.

The furniture stores in Virginia Beach always suggest the buyers to be sure about the furniture that they want to buy. However, this time, they are also bringing some tips in which you could be arranging the furniture well. We will be talking about the ways in which your bedroom will look great with the perfect furniture arrangement  and refer more designs on You can go to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store in order to buy your favorite furniture after you are done reading this tips.

The best tips from furniture stores in Virginia Beach

  • Always make sure that the bed is placed against the center of the wall. Plus, the bed should always face the main door of the room. This is the best way to make the bed look amazing. It helps in ensuring that the headboard of the bed, which now faces the door as well, becomes the focal point of the center of attention in the room. Quite obviously, this is the perfect way to ensure that you get the best options in terms of home decor. Adopt this style if you have a smaller room or if you have an elaborate headboard matched with rather simple furniture items.
  • There could be some architectural issues when it comes to placing the bed like we mentioned above. The dimensions of some rooms do not allow them to be positioned like this. If you have enough space in the room, try to place the bed diagonally. However, if you are short of space, then you should definitely be thinking about finding the longest wall and then place the bed sideways there. It would save space and it would again be catching the attention of the one who enters the room.
  • Are you looking for ways in which it would become easier to include a big TV in your house or maybe accommodate a writing desk? If yes, then you should certainly be making use of your closet. A lot of people have a walk in closet. If it has space, then move the chest of drawers in the closet and then make space for the new furniture item.
  • Go for a floor to ceiling wardrobe. This would help you a lot in saving some space in your room. Plus, you will be able to use the dresser stool to find the things that you need. If you are finding more compact or smaller wardrobes, then you will soon wish to replace them. Buy less overwhelming designs in wardrobe from the furniture stores in Virginia Beach.

The Benefits Of Buying Pine Furniture Huntsville AL

furniture stores in Huntsville AL A home redesign is always a great option for most of the homeowners. This is because a redesign can easily change the way their home looks. It could add attraction and beauty to the room while adding a brand new aesthetic appeal as well. However, most of the people find that a home redesign is extremely expensive. This is usually because the prices of furniture have been reigning quite high in the past few years and it is becoming costlier to buy furniture with every passing day. So what can be done in order to ensure that we get great furniture Huntsville AL at a lower cost? Well, you could be buying pine furniture.

The benefits of buying pine furniture from the furniture stores in Huntsville AL

If you are buying pine furniture from the furniture stores in Huntsville AL then you are certainly making a good choice. Make sure that you are visiting stores like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture stores that could be offering you great prices and better designs as well and check the new design on website Pine is one of the most readily available woods and has a very huge variety as well. It could be bought unfinished or finished and can offer different kinds of looks and different levels of strength as well. However, pine is mostly celebrated because it looks very elegant and is available for cheap as well. In fact, pine is the cheapest wood of them all.

Natural pine has a very light yellow to a deep brown grain because of which the wood looks very beautiful. The knots are always very dark in this kind of wood. These features of pine make it a perfect fit for every kind of home. It could be used for all traditional as well as modern home designs with ease as it could be easily molded to fit into every design of your choice. You will also be glad to smell the wonderful and light scent of pine. A lot of buyers appreciate this feature in the pine furniture.

Another great benefit of pine is that it allows a number of finishing which makes it quite a versatile item to use. You can stain, varnish and paint pine the way you like. You should always be finding some of the best repainting and remodeling option for the pine furniture in your house. You can stencil it, paint it the way you like and even create some beautiful painted designs and patterns in this kind of furniture. It is all very helpful in getting the right look to your room. There is a variety of pine called Ponderosa pine. It can be used easily for indoor as well as outdoor furniture Huntsville AL. This kind of pine does not warp with ease and can stand moisture with ease. Plus, it is very lightweight as well.

Different species of pine come with hundreds of different characteristics and they can be used in virtually any space in your space. Add the fact that it is very cheap and you know exactly what to buy from the furniture store.

How About Decorating Your Home In Beach Style?

Decorating Your Home In Beach StyleYou can decorate your home thousands of ways but might never feel satisfied. If you like something cool and amazing, then try beach style designing this time.Beach style furniture can bring the most amazing look to your home but remember few important points that can avoid making expensive mistakes.

Give importance to your interest first – A good texture can add an attractive look to your home. The thumb rule to design your home with white shade is to apply textures to create different layers of coziness to avoid it appearing like a flat and faded combination. It is good to do new experiments but remember not to make it look awful. Make your bedroom beautiful by placing cozy blanket and pillows, likewise do not forget to place cozy cushion on a comfortable chair. You can decorate your living room with piles of books with a beautiful lampshade. You can also use glass cut piece filled with beautiful objects instead of lampshade next to your favorite chair to create awesome look.

Purchase good quality furniture according to your budget– Furniture is very important for every room. Always purchase good quality furniture and also the durable one. The main furniture for a bedroom is a good quality bed along with comfortable mattress. Likewise your living room is incomplete without a cozy sofa set. Furniture is not just for the purpose of sitting or sleeping, it is much more than that. Believe it or not furniture is a status symbol. Furniture items are available in various designs, textures, patterns, sizes etc. in the market. You can bring the best one as and how your pocket allows.

It is good to have neutral palette – If you stick to neutral color palette it will enable you to remodel your home more comfortably which means you do not need to recolor each time in every season. Having a neutral shade palette looks versatile and sober. There are so many shades in white you can choose the one as per your wish. White shade is a perfect background to furnish your home with beautiful furniture and other home accessories.

Use other home accessories – Accessories are equally important for a home to decorate like furniture items. Home accessories are like value added services. Without beautiful accessories a room is just looks like a faded room. There are so many beautiful home accessorize items are available in the market. You can buy them according to the themes selected. It is always good to give importance to your choice and interest first.

Make your home a sweet home by decorating it by using these helpful tips. Whenever you start remodeling your home, always make a blueprint of the tasks to do and the budget of course. Everyone should plan decoration according to their budget. If you are not able to plan furnishing by your own, you can take the help of the internet. Internet is a very good source of getting impressive decoration ideas. Just follow the tips and remodel your home with beautiful furniture and other accessory items.

If You Have A New Member Coming To Your Family Then It Is Very Important To Redesign Your Home

New Member InteriorsIf you are expecting a sweet little new member in your family then make sure to plan interior decoration in a comfortable way. There are few useful tips to design your baby’s room to give him/her a smooth stimulation.

Peaceful colors – One of the toughest tasks for most of the new parents is to color the room for redesigning their nursery. Generally people color the nursery room with traditional colors, such as blue for boy baby and pink for girl baby. Why don’t you try something new this time with some more color themes? Whatever color you select, do not forget to choose a soft, warm hue that does not over stimulate the baby. Neutral colors will be the best choice for your baby’s comfort and peace. You can also choose bold shades, such as bright green or red in small amount on furniture items. You can use bright colors in more amount as your baby grows and require more stimulation. Always select durable colors because it can be washed or scrubbed without damaging the shades. Make sure that the color which you choose for painting the nursery does not contain any kind of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds). VOC colors can emit harmful gases.

Proper ventilation and lighting – New born baby needs proper ventilation for comfortable stay. They have drawn to windows so that they can have natural fluorescent lighting. Always arrange the good source of natural lighting in your baby’s room. A window is a required part of your baby’s room to get fresh air. Take care of the proper lighting in the baby’s room. Do not use very bright lights because it can over stimulate your baby and can cause irritation to her/him.

Proper furnishing for your baby’s room – New parents always want to redecorate their baby’s room as the most pleasing one in the house. They use everything of best quality and design so that it can give comfort to their baby all the time. There are so many things to take care of while decorating a room for new born baby. You have to take care of safety and hygiene while designing baby’s room, such as paints, lights, ventilation etc. Furniture is an essential part of every room so as for new born baby’s room. Always use good quality and comfortable furniture items for your baby. A rocking chair is important for nursing and taking care of your baby when he/she is sleeping peacefully. It is good to arrange two rocking chairs in baby’s room if both the parents are spending lot of time in the room.

A change table is another essential furniture item in your baby’s room. It will help you in the night time as well to change the diaper of your baby. Keep a close watch on your baby while changing the cloths or diapers otherwise he/she can fall down from the changing table. Purchase good quality and cozy furniture from a good furniture store to furnish your baby’s room.

The Most Neglected Areas In Home Decor

Most Neglected Areas Home DecorDo you know which areas are the most neglected in your household? You probably wish to go for a new home remodel. However, you might not understand the fact that every home remodel forgets about the walls and ceilings of the house. Yes! This is true. You are quite concerned about the furniture and furnishing but you fail to recognize the value and the importance of the ceilings and walls.

The issue is more prevalent with ceilings. As a homeowner, you will be quick to ignore them altogether. However, as a visitor, your will definitely have a look at the ceilings of the home. So, can there be any way in which these areas of the house look great? Of course. Just take a look at some of the tips that we are presenting below and your house shall remain looking great.

  • If you are looking to paint the ceiling white, avoid it at all costs. Everything that is white has a certain element of grey in it. As a result of this, the room starts looking dull. The ceiling covers a huge part of your house and if it is dull, it will single handedly bring down the energy level and positivity of the rest of the house as well. Therefore, make sure that you are painting your ceiling in cream. It would help make the room look warm and positive, a 50% white trim color could also be a good option.
  • You can also paint the ceiling in a color that matches with the walls. It would make the room look complete.
  • You should always obey the 9 feet rule when it comes to painting the ceiling. If the ceiling is less than 9 feet high, then chose a color that is one to two shades lighter than the color of the walls. However, if it is more than 9 feet high, then you should paint it in one shade darker than the rest.
  • The floor of the house should always be darker as compared to the walls.
  • If you wish to use some heavier furniture and furnishing items but have a room with a smaller height, then you can create an optical illusion by painting it in 2 different kind of finishes. This helps in making the room look higher than it is. Plus, you will get more visual space to accommodate heavier furniture items.
  • It is quite possible that the room doesn’t have any architectural detailing. In such a case, the room often looks very cold and clinical. However, you could again be creating a warmer and more complex character for the room through paint. Take a 1.5 inch to 2 inch strip between the wall and the ceiling and paint it in the form of continuous line that runs along all the corners. It makes the room look bigger and wider and you will be accommodating any kind of furniture with ease without making the visual appeal bad.
  • Don’t paint the walls white, ever. It makes the room look empty and it gets bogged down by its own color.

The Coolest Furniture And Accessory Tips

Coolest Furniture And Accessory TipsThere is never a lack of furniture tips when you are searching the internet. However, all of them are not usable and you don’t necessarily need to be too hopeful about them. These tips are usually quite clinical and most of them come for a particular kind of house or home design theme. However, we would be presenting some of the best furniture and accessory tips for you that can be used by anyone at any time to make their house look better than ever before.

  • Every room has at least one furniture that occupies the most space. In the living room, it could be the sofa while in the bedroom, it could be the bed. This is the furniture that could be used to create a focal point in your house with ease. The focal point of the room is the first thing that you or your guests will notice as soon as they enter it. You should be using other furniture and accessories in order to accentuate the appeal of the focal point and to create a harmonious ambience in the room.
  • Always try to make sure that the largest piece of furniture is not near the entrance of the room. Your visitors will always get a visual jerk because of this practice and they might not be able to get a good impression of the work that you have done in that room.
  • While buying furniture is an art, arranging the furniture is an art too. You will be finding that there are many modern furniture items like the sectionals that could be giving you more freedom to arrange the furniture as per your choice. Use these choices to get a great room.
  • There could be some dead zones in your house and do not have any particular purpose. These dead zones can easily be tacked with the help of a tall chair or a statement lamp. You could even be using a plant in this area to accentuate the appeal of the room and to prevent that area from looking empty.
  • The biggest paradox of furniture setting is that flowing against the tide comes with its own set of benefits. Yes, if you have a smaller tom, you could always be using one larger piece of furniture. Instead of trying hard to fit in many small pieces of furniture and furnishing in the room and making it look very busy, you should be ensuring that you buy one large piece of furniture. Keeping the number of furniture items small and buying a slightly larger size will always be better than buying many small items all together.
  • You could always be investing in some classy designs. Go for modern or vintage furniture because they are as light as they are beautiful. If you want something more beautiful, then opt for the industrial style. You will be surprised to find how the industrial style of home design could be making your house look more spacious and unique than ever.

Top 5 Home Decor Tips For You

Home Decor Tips Home decor is something that we have all tried to accomplish at one point in time or the other. However, the problem with home decor is that the more you know, the less you are able to accomplish. Hiring an interior decorator for the home would be a significant expense for most of the homeowners. However, when they wish to decorate the home on their own, they often find that they are not well equipped to handle all the elements of home decor well. This shall certainly have a very negative effect on their decor ideas.

The good news is that these problems can be handled. Instead of reading and learning about a thousand different things about home decor, every homeowner should be focusing on getting the right theme for his home. Once this theme has been found, he should only be focusing on getting the principles of that theme straight. When you opt for such a home design idea, you always get to make a better home. You can be learning everything possible about one thing and this shall certainly be making sure that you get a great aesthetic appeal for your house. So first look for a theme that could match your preferences as well as your own personality. When this has been done, you only need to follow the ideas that we have given below. It would be helpful in making your home look better than ever before.

  • Choose the concept- every theme might have different variations that need to be chosen by you. If you pick up English decor themes, you will have to make a choice between colonial English, English country and many such styles. So make sure that you are aware of the concept as well as the theme before you start working on it.
  • Choose the style- every theme would have numerous styles as well. You could also be deciding if you want to introduce any specific style in the theme or not. The styles are usually traditional, contemporary and rustic. Choose the style and then you will be able to get the complete idea of the theme that you want to use in the house.
  • Mix it- there could be a lot of mix-n-match opportunities that can be used by you in order to get the right look. Furniture is the most important element of any home design. However, buying furniture is a very expensive task. You could opt for including some old furniture of your house, some reclaimed furniture and some new and store bought items. Top them up with some hand crafted furnishings and decorative and your recipe for home decor success is ready.
  • Be unique- learn from the internet and get to know about the styles that you want to implement in the house. However, never let go of your originality. You should make sure that you include as many ‘personalized’ elements of design as possible. This would make sure that your home looks like your very own and depicts your personality as well.

The Basics Of Vastu Shastra

Basics Of Vastu ShastraVastu Shastra and Feng Shui are quite well known ancient sciences of home design and both have a huge number of followers as well. Vastu Shastra is an age old Indian science of home design that is based on the right placement and arrangement of furniture, furnishing and different spaces of the house. The main motive is to promote health, wellbeing, prosperity as well as the harmonious atmosphere of the home. It helps in creating balance in the house so that positive vibrations can reign in the home at all times.

The knowledge or the application of this discipline can help in bringing balance to your home that will certainly be necessary for a happier existence and more productive times. In fact, Vastu Shastra is the oldest home design discipline in the world and has been the inspiration behind Feng Shui as well. Therefore, if you also believe in creating harmony in your home, it will be better to learn from the real texts that have inspired many home design principles in the world. You will also be surprised to find that similarities between the concepts behind Vastu Shastra and Ayurveda. Let us explore some basics of Vastu.

  • Nature- the first concept of Vastu is nature. Every household needs to be in tune with nature. Trees should be planted in the outdoor spaces and there should always be clay pots, woven accessories, cotton rugs, freshly plucked flowers and even shells in the house. The windows must be kept open early in the morning and scented candles must be lighted as well. You can even get some desktop fountains home.
  • Quiet- there should always be a quiet space in your house that should be used for meditation and relaxation. This is the place where you can simply connect with yourself and forget about the worries of the world. A space like this is essential in every house.
  • Clearing the clutters- as per Vastu, you should be ensuring that there is no clutter in your house. The more clutter you keep in the house, the higher the chances of maintaining a negative atmosphere in the house. Every nook and corner of your house should always be kept clean of every kind of clutter in the house. Keep the bathrooms and hallways specially clean.
  • Books- a house without books will be incomplete. Make sure that there are books in your house and that they are arranged as neatly as possible. Also make the books more accessible in the house.
  • Family- though this is a very small detail that you can include in your house, it is extremely important for you to personalize your house by adding some family pictures in the house. Make sure you keep them in a well-lit area and it has very positive vibe as well.
  • Outdoors- the outdoors of the house should be as connected with nature as possible. You should be planting trees that can attract birds and flowers that could attract butterflies easily. If there is a pond or a small water feature in the house, it would be appreciated more.

How To Make Home Designs More Elegant

Home Designs More ElegantEveryone is looking for home designs that could exploit the architectural details of their house well and present a pleasing atmosphere as well. However, a number of people stumble completely when it comes to home designs. It is not because they do not take home designs seriously. Instead, it could be blamed on their lack of knowledge of home designs. There are some basic concepts applied by the interior decorators that make their designs beautiful yet very simple and uncluttered. This is exactly the opposite of what happens with many homeowners. You need to ensure that your home designs looks presentable and elegant.

Remember, when you are opting for a home design, it is not just visual appeal or comfort that matters. Instead, it is a combination of several factors which let your home design stand out. You can opt of thematic decoration instead of simply going ahead with the usual decor. Sticking to a theme will make sure that you get to focus on a single kind of decor style. This will make it easier to buy furniture and furnishings and arrange them in the house as well. Here are the steps that make you accomplish a thematic decor.

  • Fix a theme

In the first place, you need to select a theme which you wish to work on. The theme would be dependent on many factors. One of them could be the type of space it is for. Additionally, you could be checking who would be using the space and in what way. Decide what would be the personality of the room. The more precisely you define these factors, the better theme selection you will make. Even a general definition will do, as long as all these points are touched. Then, start looking for the right themes for your house. Finally, select something that matches your criteria and appeals to you at the same time. Simple!

  • The furniture and furnishing

The most important part of any home decor theme is the furniture that you will be using there. Look up for the different kinds of furnishing and furniture ideas that could fit into the theme. You can go for a strict theme or even opt for mix-n-match themes through the furniture and furnishing items. It is these things that will be bringing the necessary character into your rooms and making them look great. So, decide the furniture that you wish to buy and then also decide the kind of furniture that you wish to buy. It would be better for you in any case. Also make sure that you are buying only quality furniture. Look for authenticity in styles if you have chosen themes that depict an era or a culture.

  • Use smaller decorative

After the furniture and furnishing are in place, it is time for you to start decorating with smaller objects like picture frames, tabletop decorative, wall hangings, posters and more. These items can fill up the empty spaces and make the space look better with time. Make sure that their placement is carefully decided.

How To Create An African Decor

Create An African DecorAn African style home decor could not only prove to be very unique but shall also be an amazing choice for the people who like this amazing continent and all its heritage, whether natural or human. The African style of home decor is completely different from anything else that you have seen till date. It is not only inviting but very exciting as well. One who enters a house with such a decor will always be excited and curious about the design style. He would never stop feeling surprised. There is a different kind of novelty that comes along with these design ideas and it would be highly beneficial for you to incorporate these design philosophies in your own house as well. There is always something classy and charming about these designs and we are sure that you will also be attracted towards them. Here are some of the ways in which you could be incorporating them in your own house.

  • The bright colors- if you want an African themed decor, then you must never shy away from the earthen or safari tones. You should be using colors like brown and black along with cream. This is not all, add some colors like burnt orange in order to get the right look in the room. You should also be making sure that you add green and blue splashes in the room. It helps in adding more depth to the room. Make sure that you are not opting for any unnatural shades. Keep them as natural as possible.
  • Prints and textures- you could easily be opting for some natural prints and textures when it comes to the African styles. These are more important than the colors that you are using in your decor. Always go for natural accents in the house. Straw mats are one of the best options here. Bamboo frames for pictures could also be adding more warmth and authenticity to the theme. The prints could include animal prints that range from leopards and cheetah to zebras. Go for anything that has a strikingly African influence in order to get the best results. Your furniture should always contain such prints that are directly indicative of African lifestyle. Leopard prints are quitepopular. However, even if you get a statement piece of zebra prints, you will be doing yourself a great favor. Make sure it is leather or some other rich material.
  • African art- the more you depict African art in the home, the better results you will be getting. Go for wood sculptures made of ebony. These sculptures are loved all over the world. If you can, get hold of some primitive weapon copies as well as some tribal masks.
  • Woven baskets- if you don’t wish to go over the top but still want to include the African lifestyle in your home, then you should definitely be opting for the geometricdesigns of the African woven baskets. The material and designs of the basket change as per the region but they are usually good enough for you to take a look at.

Some Bedroom Decor Tips That You Need Now!

Bedroom Decor Tips There are so many bedroom design tips around that you could easily start to lose track of what you have learnt till date. However, we would not let that happen for sure. If you want a very classic and rustic bedroom in your house, then you should be following the tips that we have given below. They will definitely help you in getting a better bedroom that not only looks beautiful but also becomes the most relaxed and amazing space in your house.

  • A lot of people are adopting the beautiful rustic bedroom with a countryside setting. If you wish to follow the same concept, then you should definitely have four posters. All the furniture in the room should be made with very light colored woods only. The flooring should be of a wood laminate that could either be cedar or pine. Ensure that the bed, dresser, nightstand and the bedside bench are all made of the same hue.
  • The rustic bedroom design style has one more variation. It is known as the rustic English countryside design. It is generally very beautiful and elegant. You could be using a bench and an aged trunk as well. If you want to make it look better, then you should be using a very light colored paint in a distressed setting. You could also be using a bench with the same details. Also opt for pristine white linen bedding. The curtains should match the beautiful white hue but they must be sheer. It would be better if they come with some white embossed designs. The rug could be lime green and the same can happen with the chair as well. Make sure that there is a wicker dust bin in the room along with a beautiful vase with daisy flowers.
  • If you want a more classic style in your bedroom, then you should be using a very ornate settee. It is definitely one of the warmest and welcoming things that you can put in the bedroom. The bed, chair and the dresser should always come with some light carvings. You should be making sure that the bedcover is really thick. Also ensure that there is a huge crystal chandelier in the room. The bedcover must also come with tassels. Vases and photo frames made of crystal will also be of great help here.
  • When you select a bed runner, always make sure that it is 24 to 30 inches longer and 18 to 24 inches wider than your bed for the perfect fit.
  • You could be thinking about using three sets of cushions and pillows for your bed. The first ones should be very basic but huge pillows that come with basic pastel colors. The second set should be a slightly warmer and brighter cushions in a medium size. They could be 4 in number. You could also keep one or two small cushions in a different shape but smaller size that present a contrast to the medium sized cushions. They can be textured or patterned as well.


Some Of The Best Living Room Design Tips

Best Living Room Design TipsThe living room needs to be a space that reflects the personality of the homeowner. People often judge you by your living room. Hence, ensuring that this room looks great will always go a long way. You simply need to learn a few basic tips for decorating your living room. Get ready to learn them now.

  • Never, ever, make the sofa lie directly against the wall. It makes the room look very dull and it breaks the visual experience that you could be experience. Maintain at least a foot of distance between the two. Your sofa’s back is as attractive as the front and you need to make sure that it is visible to everyone. You could even be making a lot of space between the sofa and the wall and then making sure that you place a beautiful folding table here. Add two small chairs and you already have a nice breakfast corner in the house. Add a task lamp along with a chair behind the sofa and you have a nice reading and thinking space in the house. If the space is smaller, just add a shelf behind the sofa.
  • Some people are very fond of using end tables with the sofa. In that case, make sure that the tables are never higher than 30 inches. Additionally, they should complement the style of the sofa. By comparison, the nightstands are generally 36 inches to 38 inches in height.
  • If you are looking for a modern home decor that doesn’t fade away with time, then you should pay attention to the colors. Always make sure that you are going for bolder, stronger and clearer colors. Pale colors often become too monotonous in the long run and become difficult to manage as well. People often get bored with paler colors very soon because of which it is not a good idea to use them in the paint. Soft colors can be used in furnishing because they can be changed quickly if you get bored or them.
  • There should be enough space between the sofa and the coffee table so that traffic can be accommodated. The ideal space is 15 to 18 inches for this purpose. You can increase it slightly with the sofa is too puffy or overstuffed.
  • The height of the coffee table in your living room is also an aspect that needs to be considered. Always make sure that the table is never less than 20 inches and more than 24 inches high. This is often the most comfortable area for most of the people. However, if you are taller than average, you might want something higher as well.
  • A lot of people like to use velvet on the chairs and the sofa. This is one of the richest fabrics that you could be using for furniture upholstery. However, don’t get confused with the variety of velvet available in the stores. You should be using low-pile velvets. Using very plush velvets would be a huge mistake as it often takes the impression of people’s bodies and it would be very awkward for everyone.

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